Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Zealand Part I

No, don't guess. This was obviously taken at Queenstown. Sooo cantik like everyone should really at least 'know' this place. Alhamdulillah I was lucky enough to be there. 

I've always wanted to visit New Zealand. Tapi bila dengar pasal cost, gulp gulp delay niat murni tu. Almaklumlah duit gaji sekarang masuk keluar macam air tanpa segan silu. Oh I'm not the "last minute" or impromptu type of person when it comes to traveling. Biasa nya kalau jauh2 ni I planned it soo early ada yang more than 1 year earlier kihkihkih. 

Tapi berbekalkan concept 'installment', semua trip goes well in term of budgeting. Tak penah la rasa like totally broke I couldn't even breath. And I applied this 'installment' method to all trips especially yang mahal2 and jauh. So how this 'installment' method works in traveling?  

1) First thing first. Survey flight ticket awal. Not that you have to browse airlines website everyday, but at least get the rough ideas of the price trend/range so whenever you see great deals, boleh terus grab without hesitation. 

2) I normally grouped my travel budget into 5, transportation (air/ground)-accommodation-activities-pocket money
a) air transportation - flight tickets/ luggage/ visa/ in-flight meal
b) ground transporation - public transport/ rent/ fuel/ toll
c) accomodation 
d) activities - entrance fees/ adventure fees
e) pocket money - souvenir/ emergency money/ food 

3) So the reason I planned my trip early is to ensure I don't have to cram all costing into my 1 month salary. Takde la sesak gila takde duit time nak pergi tu. Normally on the very last month/ my last salary before the trip, just tinggal nak spare duit for "pocket money" only. The rest should be settled monthssss before. My tripmates pon seems comfortable with this method. 

4) Sample of 'installment' method and how it works in my NZ trip?

March 2015 - air transportation (Air Asia KUL/MEL - RM 750)
July 2015 - air transporation (Jetstar MEL/QZN - RM 1140)
September 2015 - accommodation (booked all hotels Te Anau/ Wanaka/ Tekapo/ Queenstown/ Glenorchy - RM 1120)
November 2015 - air/ ground transportation (flight baggage + meal/ apply visa/ pay for car rental - RM 914)
December 2015 - activity (booked bungy/ skyline gondola/ milford sound - RM 790)
February 2016 -  ground transportation (fuel) and pocket money (RM 300) + additional RM 1000 for souvenir and fun moneyyy 

So overall cost for my NZ trip for 11 days 10 nights is RM 5000 per person all in (excluding souvenir sebab totally depends on what you spend). See when you apply this 'installment' method takde la rasa terbeban sangat macam sedebuk duit nak keluar kan hihi. You have some space to breath, relaxx, pay, and repeat, breathh againn until your trip. I am purposely sharing the cost breakdown as my first NZ post because I really want people to know, it is not that mahal. and sooo doable :D :D So you can start dreaming of New Zealand now.....until my next post! which definitely gonna be moree excitinggg. 

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